Telomack Cabling Solutions | Houston Cabling: Network, Telephone, and Computer Cabling

Telomack Cabling Solutions--a Houston cabling company, has established itself as a high quality, innovative leader in structured cabling, using the latest innovations in business communications infrastructure to fulfill customer needs. TCS has provided network cabling to a variety of clients, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and conglomerates, throughout the greater Houston area. With over twenty years of professional telecommunications experience, TCS' management brings unparalleled expertise to Houston cable projects with clients, such as Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Westin Galleria Hotel, and the U.S. Air Force.

Telomack Cabling is a Leviton Certified Cable Installer and the company adheres to all industry standards. Our employees are trained and certified in the latest updates in cable installation methods and techniques.

As a Houston cabling company, Telomack Cabling Solutions is dedicated to providing customized quality cabling solutions for clients no matter what the job-size. Whether hooking up simple Ethernet access , installing a telephone in a workstation or providing 2,000-plus telecommunication drops for a national call center, we can provide the answers and the experience to get the job done efficiently and on-schedule. After assessing a job, Telomack will carefully design a network using the best available materials and equipment at the lowest available price. Our company prides itself on developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with its customers

Copper Infrastructure Cabling

Serving as a Houston cable contractor, Telomack Cabling Solutions specializes in copper infrastructure cabling which includes Cat5e and Cat6 as well as voice cabling systems. Category 5 cables, more commonly known as Cat5 or Ethernet cables are commonly used for telephones and networks. While a Cat5 cable provides data at approximately 100 mbps, the more advanced Cat5e can support up to 1000 mbps and can run a distance of up to 1150 feet.

Category 6 cables or Cat6 are used in gigabit Ethernet and are also compatible with Cat 5, Cat5e , and Cat3. This type of cabling is primarily used for large companies that transfer a substantial amount of data between servers, networks, or computers. Data is transferred at a faster rate, compared to other types of cables and can hold higher bandwidths.

Voice Cabling systems involves setting up a telecommunications system. In a company this consists of communication between modems, land-lines, and analogs working together in unison. These voice cables are designed to withstand and carry large amounts of data at rapid speeds. It is important that these cables are installed properly, because a small mistake could result in the system malfunctioning or not working at all.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling consists of single and multi-modes . As a replacement for traditional copper wire cables, fiber optic cables are more advanced and have lower maintenance costs. Compared to copper wire cables, fiber optic cables can carry higher bandwidth at faster speeds than their predecessor. This is because information is sent through light pulses, rather than electronic ones. Fiber optic cabling is often used in telecommunication systems, cable television, as well as other areas of business.

Low-voltage Cabling

Low-voltage cabling includes music or paging systems , CATV, and access control. Telomack Cabling Solutions provides these services in residential and commercial business. CATV, more commonly known as Cable Television, primarily involves cable wiring for television access in both residential and commercial areas. Telomack Cabling Solutions also provides cabling for access control-- providing heightened security through a computer-based security system.